STGCC 2012 Gaming

Since one part of STGCC has to do with Games, here are some games vendors that was there at the event introducing some new games to keep the fans going crazy.

First games that is near the entrance would be Bandai Namco. Tekken TRG Tournament 2

Some professional gamers beating high score and to take up challengers and watching them playing would be quite fun and amazing as some are really skilled.

One of the innovative game would be this Dragonball that uses Kinetic to capture your movement. It may look fun in the beginning but it is a very tiring game. However it is good to exercise. 

EA was allowing anyone to try their latest games. Popular ones are the third person shooter games.

Not forgetting  soccer fans for soccer games.

Cherry Credits were at the event and they do major much of the fun factor to rally the crowd for online Dragon Nest and SD Gundam Capsule Fighters.

Dragon Nest has good graphics and it is quite simple to play.

They have cosplayers to rally the game at their booth.

Another amazing feature was a excellent Gundam Unicorn Destroy model cosplay.

With LED and the details were amazing.

If there is a contest, this cosplay will sure win straight! 

That is so much for the gaming at STGCC 2012. More post later. :)


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