Reality Bites

I have to admit, part of my toy collecting had to do with some "toys deprive". You see back when I was a kid, most of my toys are handed down from relatives and there were just a handful of moments that my parents bought me a new toy at a toy department. Those moments are gold to me as even when I think back, put a smile on my face instantly.

There were a handful of occasion that I visited some friends who had some much toys that I wanted. One of those time that friend of mine had not only one Stormtropper but a whole squadron of them. Back then whenever I plead my parents to get some more and they were replied that I had too many toys but most of those toys I desire, I have never owned it.

I swear then and there that when I grew up, I will get as much toys as I wanted.

Years past and today I still have issue getting those toys I really wanted...

Yes, Reality bites.

But something is not right here. Why is it so? Is having a toy a luxury now?

One of the fact I concluded was that the toys now was priced as luxury item. Back then a retail good popular toys is less than a hundred dollar but today it cost much more such as the high end toys which cost you the price close to one game console (SGD$400).

Here is an example. A starwars toy in mid 1980s "Return of the Jedi" from Kenner in retail cost about SGD$3 then. Why I remember the price so clearly? Because I was saving the amount just to get one of the starwars toys from my petty allowances as a primary school student. Today the same 3.75" figure from starwars cost SGD$18.90!

Taking inflation into account like three decades (yes I am old). Then maybe I do a comparison of what you can buy for SGD$3 then in the mid 1980s and what you can get now for SGD$18.90.

In 1980s a SGD$3 can buy you two decent meal. Taking consideration that a plate of chicken rice was SGD$1.50. Coming back to pleasant time, a SGD$18.90 if you want to eat a chicken rice, you can buy 3 to 4 plates if one standard plate is around SGD$4.50 in Singapore food court.

Now that is only Starwars figures which is only 3.75". I have yet to touch on the high pricing such as Max Factory Figma (SGD$60 to SGD$120), Bandai products which are going to exclusive and pre-order (SGD$60 to SGD$120) and the higher end Hot Toys (SGD$250 minimum). The worst of it was even now the toy makers wanted to have pre-orders and exclusive which create more harm than good.

Well I am not saying I need to collect it all but it is just a fact that toys are getting so expensive that pushing a number of seasoned collectors out. Good thing to the collectors and bad for the toy maker but who cares about the toy makers if they don't even know how to care about collectors.

Thankfully there are some toys which are affordable and I hope it will continue to be for the children sakes.

Okay maybe it is just me but you think the toy pricing now is reasonable and affordable?


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