Real Grade 1/1 Gundam Construction Set part 4

We continue to build the Gundam from part 3 and today is the part 4 and today is all about the legs.

These are Gundam Great Legs and they come in a pair. As usual this pack come with 2 scaled human figure.

It also comes with 2 trucks which suppose to carry the legs.

Together with the base, the display itself is really cramp. Somehow the center of focus lies on the trucks and the human if you asked me if this was to be display. No one will know this is Gundam. LOL

So the count down on constructing the whole Gundam continue but I think we have to stop here today as it seems we are facing a logistic problem....

Please give us some time to figure out and we will continue the next part soon. So much for outsourcing... :P

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