FURBY 2012 A Mind of its Own

FURBY. A gremlin looking toys that was first introduced some 15 years ago. After 15 years, Furby return with "A Mind of its Own".

As a modern revamp,  FURBY returns with backlit LED Eyes, iOS App interactivity and a whole host of technological enhancements guaranteed to leave an impression amongst children and adults.

Available from 16 September 2012, the global launch date, the new and revived FURBY will come in six awesome colours.

An evolved, interactive toy with ‘A Mind of Its Own’ and a personality that is shaped according to how it is treated, the re-booted version of FURBY is more huggable, with soft fur that hides touch sensors; and is more expressive, with rubbery ears that twitch and move in tandem to mechanical eyelids that blink, look around and/or responds to sounds picked up by an inbuilt microphone.

The more you play with FURBY, the more English it will speak.
Here are some simple phrases to beef up your personal FURBISH dictionary:

Me like you!Kah toh-loo oo-nye
Singing time!Wee-tee toh-toh
Listen!Ay-ay lee-koo
Big joke! Dah loo-loo
Talk big fun!Noo-noo dah doo-ay
Thank you!Dah-kah oo-nye
Me see you!Kah ay-ay oo-nye
Me upside down!Kah oo-tye nah-bah
Good food!Ee-day Ah-tah
Good morning!Dah ay-loh oo-tye
Pet more!Ah-may koh-koh
Me love you!Kah may-may oo-nye
Party time!Dah noh-lah
Me sleepy!Kah way-loh

You may check out the complete FURBISH Dictionary at www.furby.com or in the free FURBY App (Available on the App Store, works with iPad®, iPod touch® & iPhone® - iOS v4.2 or later required.)!

Exclusive Pre-Orders Available at Toys”R”Us

To skip long lines, public pre-orders will begin from 30 August till 9 September 2012 at all Toys”R”Us outlets. Exclusive FURBY free gift for pre-orders and FURBY goodie bag for both pre-orders & purchases made at all Toys”R”Us outlets on 16 September 2012.

Members of the public are also welcome to join in the festivities on 16 September 2012 at Toys”R”US VivoCity as we celebrate the launch of FURBY with a day of fun-filled activities.

From 16 September 2012, FURBY will be available at all Toys“R”Us outlets, major department stores and selected electronics stores.

Anyway there are additional 4 more colors to come!

Visit furby.com for more FURBY fun.


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