Assembled Real Grade 1/1 Gundam Construction set

This is the finishing act. The final chapter where the whole awesomeness of Gundam construction set displays.

Now to put them together and I will start at the feet with the skeleton structure to support the weight.

The hard part for this set is to put the legs cover around the skeleton structure. Once you get over this part, the rest is fairly easy.

There it is. The full glory of 1:1 Gundam.

This Gundam look good around in different angles.From the back...

From the side view...

Yes including the helicopter view down too. LOL

I have to say I am happy with this Gundam on display and as a Gundam lover, this set is as meaningful to see the module parts were and how it can fit together.

Even though this is a small scale Gundam but the detail level is amazing.


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