TMNT 2003 Leonardo

Today I am going to do a late or should I say a Vintage review on a TMNT toys from 2003 which I kept it for a long time and this is the only Turtles that I got in that series.

So here is the original packaging which I kept mint and now it is time to open it up. I personally love the packaging as the big turtle head is consistent to the figure.

At the back of the card was the various figures in the series and talk about the accessories that come with it.

There is a short write up on Leonardo too. Master slicer with twin Katana swords.

Leonardo can balance quite well on it's own.

This is more obvious when you look at the side as the center of gravity is straight even tho he is bulky with muscle.

The thing I like about this version of the Turtle is the texture of the Shell which is different from those Hex design. This texture is more realistic.

Now regarding articulation, the feet is pretty weak as there are no knee joints but maybe that how it kept the Turtle to stand and balance.

For the accessories of Leonardo all comes with pair. The twin Katana swords, Shurikens and the suction wall devices.

For the hands articulation, they are awesome that even the shoulder allow the arms to be wide open.

Being Leonardo, you got to have the Katana sword as that is his coolness!

His 3 fingers can hold the shuriken and sword well!

I would say this Leonardo is a two face. Here is the reason. Different expression on each side.

But when you look from the front, his expression is natural. LOL

Now come the most fun part of the toy. The Suction devices. Can it work as it stated in the packaging? Time to find out!

I tested that out on my toy display cabinet and the devices did hold the weight of the figure well.

My spider-man must be jealous to see that my TMNT can do that. Somewhat like a scene in Ghost protocol. So Dangerous.

Now compare to my original playmate TMNT Donatello in the late 1980s, this 2003 version is taller and more proportion.

Seems like Leonardo have something to say...

It is true that my original TMNT is away above 20 years but this Leonardo is close to a decade too. LOL

Do you have this version of TMNT or you are getting the new series? I am going to get some. LOL


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