Shockwave Transformers Generation

The latest Transformers Generation focus on characters of the latest console game "Fall of Cybertron" and among the deluxe class series, I have set my eye on Shockwave.

Not surprised that he was the most popular in the series for his toys release as it was the G1 looking and nothing changes.Even in his package a true Transformers fan will get him as he retain the purple color, chest design and his mono-eye head.

The back of the card present both mode in Vehicle and robot form and also a short write up on Shockwave being driven by pure logic. Cybertron Mobile Artillery

Let us begin my review in Shockwave in vehicle mode which is a Cybertron Mobile Artillery.

As an Artillery, Shockwave is packed with heavy and long range power. As most artillery deadly is not only the firepower but the ability to have couple with accuracy. For that, that is Shockwave speciality as he will compute all possible scenrino to project his deadly shot damaging the Autobots.

The only advantage would be counter artillery in close range to take them down before Shockwave take you down.

Shockwave is not defenseless as in close range, he can transform to robot mode to even the odds.

So let's Transform!

One of the feature I love is the head can pop up and down.

The transformation is relative easy. Within a minute, Shockwave is in Robot mode.

In Robot mode, his canon is his only weapon. 

Shockwave for proportion look good. I love his side view the best as he appear to be strong.

I have notice much of Shockwave is cover with much sharp edges which is one design consistent feature of a true Decepticon.

I love the mono-eye as it suit him well to be a long range fighter, you only need to focus at a single point of view.

His canon is also consistent to his tri barrels mode as when he is in vehicle mode.

The cannon can be placed on either one of his hands.

If it is not in use, it can be placed on his back.

To Shockwave, there is no loyalty or mercy or any other emotions. It is pure logic to him.

As a toy, the only thing that is to his disadvantage was he is the smallest in that same series as a deluxe if he is put together with the rest.

Shockwave is a pure robot. Cold but logic and mechanical and if he have his sight on you, say your last prayer.

He is a pure hitman of cyberton time. A cold assassin. Don't you just love such character?


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