Real Grade 1/1 Gundam Construction Set part 3

Tomorrow is the day for Gundam Expo 2012 in Singapore at NEX. While counting down to the actual event, let us continue on the building of RG Gundam!

The third installment there is a giant crane which was design to hold up the Torso of RX 78-2 Gundam.

The torso was well colored with the decal painted on the kit. Usually the saber would be double on Gundam's back but since this version one of the saber will be held by Gundam's hand, it look fine with one saber on his back.

The backpack was well painted in grey. 

The torso fitted on the grip of the crane well.

Beside the torso, it comes with 2 humans and one of the feet of Gundam. 

The crane would have to hold the torso a bit long while the lower body of Gundam is formed.Can it hold out longer?

Well it got to hold as I will be going for Gundam Expo 2012 to take a look before I get back to this and continue. :)

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