Real Grade 1/1 Gundam Construction Set part 2

Welcome back to the part 2 of 6 for Real Grade 1/1 Gundam Construction set. The second set is one of the important phase of construction as it is the skeleton of the Gundam.

One major compontent for this set is the base which is bigger and more grand. Having the stairs to the platform.

Like the 2011 1:1 Gundam display, there is a place where the saber rested and the light glow in the dark. On that part, it was printed with the 30th Anniversary logo.

The instruction that comes with every boxes indicate how various part of the Gundam revole around the skeleton structure.

Another part of the platform I noticed was a room which is suppose to be the control station of the light show.

As usual there were 2 human scale figure of a foreman who seems to be viewing the whole construction on a higher platform while a father and child looking interested in the leg of the Gundam.

The skeleton frame look pretty weird in this construction set. I guess it just looked naked that's all.

The rule of thumb for any construction, it is important to build a good foundation and strong structure.

This is the least good looking in the whole kit but I will not go to the extend to say this is the least important.

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