One Piece AR Carddass on iOS and Android

If you are a One Piece fan and you own a iPhone or Android mobile phone, here is a game you got to play as this version is for outside Japan  in English and Chinese option.

This game are on both platform and since I have a Android phone, allow me to give some review on this game and the card. First you can go to Google Play (formerly Android market) to download this Apps. You can search "One Piece" and the result will be listed with various game titles. Just download the One Piece Ar carddass Formation.

It is recommend that you use Wi-Fi connection to download as it is around 400MB but it is totally free with some basic characters even without the cards. However it will be more fun if you get the cards. Here are the cards...

The 3 packets are the AR cardass with each pack will have 3 characters card while the black pack is a promo card that can form a full picture about the Marineford Battle.
If you are in Singapore, each pack cost SGD $6.90 per pack and currently exclusively sold in 7-Eleven store only. You have to buy 3 packs of the original cards to be able to get the free promo black packet cards.

Do note that this packets are different from the Japanese version as the language is different and the card cannot inter-exchange to register to use.

Here are the 3 cards that I got when I open one of my packet.

Is the sexy Nami! My favorite!

Nefeltari ViVi with some special effect on the card (Note at the square lines)

Powerful Jinbe who is one of the boss with some chrome effect on card too!

At the back of each card is a QR code for registering by the camera of the phone through the Apps and status of the character on the cards.

Now back to the game when you begin the game, you can have various choices of languages.

Now when you first add in the character, you need to go into the AR Scan opinion and it will trigger off the camera opinion of the phone and when it scan the QR code on the card, the character will magically appear in 3D! Just look at Nami standing infront of my Trunks toy. :D

The program only can show a character at a time on a QR code. When you move the character around, you can see the character will stay at the same spot but the prospective of the character will move as your camera move accordingly. Just like the photo below.

Once you enjoyed finish viewing the 3D character, Register the character. What it will do is that it will read the ID of the card and character and from then on the character of this card is assigned to you. If others by chance scan your card, they will not be able to register the same character as the ID of the card have tied to your Apps. So be mindful.

The game is a battle game and it require some training to raise your characters up to fight some Bosses. So training is important and you can start by sparring with your own characters which is around the same level.

When the battle about to start, you will hear the original voices of the characters in Japanese while the dialogue read will be in the Languages you had formerly chosen. This preserved the fan who most of the time watched the Anime in Japanese voices while reading english sub.

The gameplay is pretty simple. You have to choose one out of 3 choices of Scissors, Paper and Stone.  Each character will have their special move in one of the choices. Like Nami, she is for paper and if she win by paper in that round, she may have some special bonus when the other had chosen Paper too. 

For Special move, you have to do 3 successful combination in order. For example Nami would be Paper, Stone and Scissor. The special move is indicated on her icon and the lower left corner. It is no easy task as the opponent will counter you as much as possible so you cannot make that move.

Now Nami bonus if she has chosen Paper is that she can do some blocking to reduce the damage. For that the screen will appear some area with punches icon and you have to successfully press all the icon at a given timing as counter. If successful, your damage will be lowered but if you failed, you will take the full damage which minus your life bar at the bottom of the screen.

They are only 2 out come of the match. You lose and you will gain some berries which is like currency the game.

You win and you gain experience to level up and also Berries to buy stuff later in the game.

If you level up your characters or win some bosses, you will obtain some passage to some Battle stage.

Sometime you will be given some Treasure for you to use during battle to save you from some damage or give you some edge for the match which you can choose anytime to activate it.

It is a interesting game and if you have a iPhone, you will have the same experience too!

Currently the game on both devices are for Free and you can choose not to have card to try it out. See if you like it.

Anyway there is a promotion this week in Singapore for the One Piece Formation Carddass Launch Event over at Takashimaya B2 Square from 8th August to 26 August 2012

There will be:
·         Boss Markers from 11th onwards.
·         Chopper Promo Card (Buy 3 packs and get Chopper Promo Card)

If you are One Piece fan, this is one mobile game you play for hours and level up your characters. :)

Play it and let me know how you find the game! :D

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