Hybrid Metal Figuration #005: Stormtrooper

If you are a Stormtroopers fan, here comes a cute Stormtrooper with 20 plus articulation and diecast part! From a Hongkong figure maker Hero Cross, a Hybrid Metal Figuration of the fifth installment, a Stromtrooper!

This is quite a SD version but it is not too kiddish. The articulation is quite good as you can do various pose like holding up the blaster posing as James bond. The figure is around 14 cm tall which is quite idea for desk display.

There are also addition articulation of the head which you can move the head up and down.

There are total 3 sets of hands with various pose and a blaster.

The schedule date had been forecast at the end of 2012 and the price range is expected to be around 4000 Yen.

As this figure is 70% diecast, the price it is asking is quite worth it. If you are a Stromtrooper fan, this is quite a good collection.

Are you a fan of the Stromtrooper?


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