Gundam Expo Singapore 2012 is Here!

Finally the Gundam Expo Singapore 2012 has began and this time at a new venue, NEX!

Personally I find the new venue refreshing as it is in a more accessible location.

The cool factor was the top of the event venue, it form a Gunpla signage on the LED lightning. How cool is that?

This year, the much talked about display was this grand model kit of MG Gundams from various modellers.

There are also a section where the artwork of the celebrity contribute their custom works most of it from Taiwan.

It is really interesting to see how creative are the artists who design their own Gundam.

I have to give credit to these display Cabinets which have good looking outline of various outline arranging neatly on one end of the displays.

There are also display of the the limited edition of RX-78-2 Gundam China Special which was not on sale at the event.  

Talking about Limited Edition, the clear version and the chrome version were amazing.

Many is having eye on this limited edition Pink Bearguy.

And finally the popular limited edition Gundam kit, the Megasize chrome metallic RX-78-2!!

Cherry Credits are there promoting the SD Gundam Capsule Fighter and some of the fans are picking up the games.

Many Gunpla fans were busy talking and snapping photos of the display and we have a good time.

The kids were having fun playing the Gundam AGE  GAGE-ING Machine.

Some signed up the workshop learning how to piece up the model kits.

As for the sales, it look pretty good as Gundam fans of various ages looking through the model kit and pick up some that they wanted. Of course the great discounts play a big part of the sales! Just look at the crowd of all ages.

Another factor would be these prizes from the lucky draw that stated that there will be total 18 winners who will win a full set of Prefect grades Gundam collectiosn, Paid trip to Tokyo and other great gifts!

Sound crazy but it is no joke as I verified this print with the organizer and they confirm it is true. Can you imagine 18 person each will win the full set of PG??

Out of the event area, there were some Gundams at the garden and these are for family to enter contest to guess the numbers of Gundam too.

With all these activities, I bet the weekend would be crazy as more Gunpla fans heading to NEX for this Gundam Expo.

There are more good looking model kit on display but nothing beat catching them in person at the event.

If you are heading down the event, remember to take a photo of yourself in that event so you can enter a contest that I will be announcing later so some away can win some Gundam giveaway. :) I will annonced that shortly.  Just go snapping. :D

Be there Gundam fans!


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