The Elder Wand from Harry Potter

In the world of Harry potter, there are many objects and items that a fan would want in their collection. If there is something I wanted from Harry Potter, a wand would be one that I will acquire. But one would ask which Wand should I get. My answer would be the most powerful wand in the history and that is none other than The Elder Wand.

The Elder Wand is one of the three objects of the Deathly Hallows. The story begin when three wizard cheated death by building the bridge magically and Death offer each a wish. The elder among the brothers wanted the most powerful wand in the world and Death fashioned a wand from the elder tree nearby.

Shortly the eldest brother went killing another wizard and boast about this wand and thus he was murder in the middle of his sleep. You can see more of the Tale of three brothers here from the movie. Of course all that was just a myth in the book.

After centuries, the Elder wand ended up with Dumbledore who fear this powerful wand will landed in the hands of one who will misused it for evil.

One thing about The Elder Wand is that you have to be the true owner of wand by winning in the actual duel. If not, the wand full power will not be obtain. If you read or watched the movie, the rights of the wand went from Dumbledore to  Draco Malfoy (when Dumbledore is wounded) and unknowingly by Harry potter wining Malfoy over a duel.

Therefore when Voldemort who stole the wand from the grave thought by killing Snape whom killed Dumbledore will earn his rights to the ownership. When the wand faced with Harry Potter, the wand refused Voldemort magic and backfired back to Voldemort and so end the evil of Voldemort.

Now here is my Replicate of the Elder Wand in memory of the movie and also reading the whole series. :)

The wand had the outline of the Elder Wand in the movie but the color itself vary. It would appear to be made of wood but some part seems to be cast with other material.

On the appearance, it does not look like a powerful wand in design. The grip of the wand seems alright for a adult. As this is just a replicate, it is just for collection purposes. 

Personally I am glad to have this wand as a collection for the Harry potter series on the whole.

What about you?


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