16th Craziest Toy Sale @ Takashimaya

Once again this is the 16th years for Crazy Toy sales at Takashimaya Shopping Centre in Singapore.

The event started on 8th of August to 26 August. For the first day I seen many familiar faces buying basket full of toys. Just look at the floor space.

Let me do a fast run down on what I saw when I was there for the toy sales. Transformers of Spider-man and Ironman on sale for just SGD $30.00

While the 3.75" Ironman are selling any 3 for SGD$20.00 .

The movies deluxe Transformers are on more than 50% off for just SGD $12.00!

While the Startwars is selling each for SGD$8.00

The Vehicles are just selling at the all time low at SGD$25.00!

A wolverine claw selling at just SGD$5!!

KRE-O and the former ComicCon exclusive are selling Hot too!

For Mattel end, the 5" DC Universe  characters are selling 2 for SGD$12.00! Even cheaper than Transformers!

Ben10 was going for any 3 for SGD$10.00! Cheap! .

Dragonball figures that is decent for display going at SGD$5.00!.

While Kamen Riders are selling at SGD$5.00 each too!

Bakugan Bakuclip selling 3 for SGD$10.00! Original version some more.

For those into tops, TakaraTomy version selling for 2 for SGD$12.00!

While the Sonic each selling at  SGD$8.00

For those who missed the classic Altari games, you can relive those classic moment by spending SGD$20 to owed the controller and games!

For Tamagotchi lovers, time to get back into the game for just SGD$5.00 rising them as pets.

There are fair share for female too such as Care bears each for SGD$8.00!

Hello kitty home playset and such.

Last of all, one of the highlights are the return of SGD$10 per packet to fill in as much Capsule toy as you can grab.

Many took their time to look through and choose. See if you can find some rare treasure there.

Well that's all I can say of my first day at location. On a personal point of view, I felt this year the offer is not as crazy as last year. I hope in time to come they will include more stuff for everyone to grab.

If you have the time, drop by to Takashimaya before 26th August 2012. :)


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