McDonald's Grimace Hello Kitty

It's the second week of McDonald's Hello Kitty and it is time to get the Grimace Hello Kitty.

Originally in the whole series, Grimace was one of the least Hello Kitty I would go for but after I opened up the toy, it is one of the best of Hello Kitty in the McDonald's series so far.

Now why was she the least in my opinion? Firstly it has to be the character of Grimace. A purple fat creature which I have no idea what he feed on to get that fat...Oh wait maybe too much fast food. But can you imagine Hello Kitty being FAT? 

Since I have to collect the whole series, I went for it. There is nothing special about the design for Grimace which is just plain purple. So Hello Kitty had to wear the plain purple suit and they gave her a hoodie. From the back of Grimace Kitty, she is just plain purple.

On top of the hood, was the face of Grimace smiling away. I don't think many even notice it the face as the whole white Hello Kitty face stood out of the plain purple.

Now what changed my mind was you can actually remove the hood and show the full face of Hello Kitty. That was the turning point why I find this Grimace Hello Kitty fun. When you remove it, you thought is just Hello Kitty wearing a purple hoodie suit. No one will know it is Grimace. 

So long no one see the Grimace's face at the back. 

Since I can remove the hood, I went further to play with the hood and come out with this like a sleeping bag for Hello Kitty. This is not the official way but it sure look cute! LOL

Since I can put on the hood, I pull the hood all the way up and cover the ribbon and now the face of Grimace is so prominent. LOL

You can still restore the look of Hello kitty by showing the ribbon which I thought somehow the ribbon spoil the looks. 

See how many looks you can produce for this Hello Kitty? That is why I find it is the most fun Hello Kitty in the series where the kids can play around the looks and be creative. 

So that is all for McDonald's Grimace Hello Kitty review. If you have yet to get this design, do it as it is fan removing the hood and put the hood back. LOL

Do you like the removing feature of this Hello Kitty?

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