Hamburglar McDonald's Hello Kitty

The first of four in the series is Hello Kitty in Hamburglar outfit.

The toy comes with a simple packaging in McDonald's and on the plastic packaging was this concept drawing of Hamburglar Hello Kitty.

The normal red ribbon of Hello Kitty was replaced with Hamburglar theme of Black for the ribbon. Personally I find if the design throw in the Hamburglar hat will be complete but that would have cover very much of her head and spot the trademark of Hello Kitty.

The back of Hamburglar Hello Kitty was the cape which is iconic to Hamburglar and not to mention the red gloves and red boots. Hm... a Puss in boots. LOL

Drilling down to details, the Hamburglar's tie had an icon of Hamburger and they did a good layer job between the collar, tie and the shirts.

Even between the shirt and the pants, it was actually layers sewed in neatly. No loose thread and the trademark label of McDonalds on the back of left feet.

The eye and the nose was a sew on and not buttons like the old McDonalds Hello Kitty.

Talking about the old McDonalds Hello Kitty, here is a comparsion between the latest Hello Kitty and the old ones.

Can you see the differences in height? The old Hello Kitty come with round flat feet that can stand well on it's own unlike the current model which is just a plush feet.

Now coming to the subject of this series of McDonalds Hello Kitty, do you know how it was originated?

It all originate in Hong Kong last year 2011where McDonalds had a crossover with Hello Kitty. Below was an advertisement in Cantonese from Hongkong during that time of promotion.

There were more items offer during the promotion in HongKong such as bag and cards and even the Hello Kitty comes in boxes with McDonald's characters and Hello Kitty drawing on each side. Those could be for collector's who want to keep them Mint in Box.

Over all the opened Hamburglar Hello Kitty is still as cute as she can be. ")

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