Bandai Pikachu Pokemon Model Kit

I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause...

If you have read the above by singing, you are one Pokemon fan like I am. LOL

As many Pokemon that was introduce, I always having a deep liking on Pikachu. So when I read it has a model kit by it's own, I jumped on it to catch him with a Pokeball....

This is one palm size Pikachu with some features like ears movement as your twist his head.

I have put up a couple of Bandai model kit but I notice there are some differences on Pokemon model kit than the Gundam or Gunpla series. First of all, the whole instruction sheet was in full color front and back. I hardly seen both side in colors even in One Pieces Grandship series.

Secondly, I notice the customization of the runner using outline of Pikachu with the number inside. A nice touch and I appreciate that.

This model kit should be for younger kits as there are just 2 runners and the parts are pretty big and easy to break them into parts and assemble.

The model kit provide some stickers to complete the look of Pikachu but truthfully, it is necessary to do a bit of paneling to give Pikachu some depth. See how a white stickers as a spot bring Pikachu into life?

Within 20 minutes or less, Pikachu is completed! Hello Pikachu!

Just like it was stated in the packaging, by twisting the head, Pikachu's ears will flip up and down from side to side.

All I do was use a Gundam marker pen to do the paneling without coloring Pikachu already look good.

Here is the back view of Pikachu.Somehow looking from Pikachu's back makes me thing he is eating something...

Okay a closed up for Pikachu! He is so cute!

Have you ever look down from Pikachu before? Well here is how he would look like on the plan view.

Overall this Pikachu model kit met my expectation on easy build and great likeness of Pikachu in the Anime and Manga.

The downside this is not a 1:1 scale but I highly recommend Pokemon fan to get this Model kit as it is the best I know so far. Well done Bandai!

Is Pikachu your favorite Pokemon? If not which Pokemon is your favorite?


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