Transformers Prime Ratchet Review

Ratchet, one of the Autobots medical officer and in both Transformers Animated and Transformers Prime, the character and temperament have been consistent. Always serious, Always grumpy. 

It took me sometime to get hold of this Transformers Prime Ratchet as he is pretty hot when he first release and patience pay off for this instant and I still got him for 15% off retail!!

Before I open the toy, I noticed there was a stats data on Ratchet and I wonder what is the use of this information? It is not like knowing this status can change the course of the game. Although I couldn't see the usefulness of it.

Out of the box, the Ambulance form of Ratchet look good as the shape and the color stand out. Nice and clean.

I love the clear blue window screen but I notice something is missing.

I look from the front to the back and the top but I notice there is no Autobot sign at all! Maybe that should be visible in robot mode as it make sense as the logo will giveaway much of the information if it is found on the vehicle mode.

The only weapon or accessories were two short blade which look more like a dagger.

The official recommendation propose to insert both weapons in the front bumper. I tried it on and find it look interesting no doubt...

However I noticed there are two more such holes on top of the vehicle and it seems the right size for the weapon to be inserted as well.

And behold, this is the none official way of another used of the weapons. Act like an antenna if you asked me.

Before I transformed it to Robot mode, I want to touch on the scale which kinda bother me. Compare to Tranformers Animated Ratchet, the Transformers prime version look a bit smaller. That can be overlook as they are not from the same series.

Tranformers Animate Ratchet made a good point. Where your logo Ratchet?

But when comparing with Tranformers Prime Acree who bike form should felt intimidate with Ratchet but it was the other way around. Acree bike is bigger than Ratchet!

The show must go on...time to transform it to Robot mode

So here it is, Ratchet and he look much like the series.

He do look as stout as he is in Transformers Prime. After the transformation, I looked for the Autobot logo and true enough even in Robot mode there is no Autobots logo!

Instead I found this item code printed in red at one part of his leg...

If they can print this numbers, why can't they print a red color Autobot logo Hasbro?!

The face of Ratchet do like the animation.

As for the 2 blade weapons, it can be inserted onto his arms or the knee which is suppose to be the Ambulance front bumper.

I don't remember seeing much Ratchet uses these two blades in the show but these blade do look like a surgical knifes and some instant as cutlery. LOL

Can you smell what Ratchet is cooking? LOL

Overall this could be a better Ratchet by making it bigger and putting the Autobot logo on him like all Transformers toys should be.

Updates: Ratchet in Transformers Prime do have a Autobots logo on his left chest.

So that should be included in the toy. So far only TakaraTomy version comes with the sticker for that and not Hasbro.


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