Trafalgar-Law's Submarine Model Kit

The second Grandship from Bandai model kit is Trafalgar-law's submarine. Many would expect it to be Go Merry but that come after this model kit release in the Grand Ship series.

I felt Bandai made this Submarine instead of another ship is a good move as Submarine is rare in most model kit! Like the previous Thousand Sunny, this model kit need not apply any paint but just apply the stickers is decent in presentation already.

The model was well design and easy to assemble. They purposely design it to have 2 separate parts to simulate the submarine submerge into the water.You can joined them together when you want to display that as a ship instead.

The funny design was this submarine comes with a sail and it is not just any sail but a black sail. Deadly.

The main black sail has the lego of Trafalgar-Law. DEATH.

It fly it's own pirate flag.

Another odd thing was the second sail was white instead of black. I wonder why?

The DEATH logo were printed on both side of the submarine ship.

The deck looked wooden with neat circles windows and doors.

Since it is a submarine, it need a bright light in the front to light the way. For that, it is at the belly of the submarine.

Now it is time to place it together with Thousand Sunny for comparison.

Oh no! Thousand Sunny is getting near! What will Trafalgar do?

Well if you can't out run them, you can become a submarine and go under water which a ship cannot.

To be honest, I love the submarine mode with the water effect.

Once it go under water, no ship can match it or detect it.

I really have fun putting this model kit together as it doesn't need any painting as the stickers are good enough for me. Fixing these model kit kinda remind me of those olden days where some skillful craft man putting a model ship in the bottle.

Now don't asked me why I have such feeling but somehow it just come to me. :)


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