Playmobil Ballerina F?gures Series 2

I don't really get Female Playmobil but there are some in this series I wanted to get. Just to name a few would be the Female Vampire and Lara croft. I just try my luck and roll the dice to see what I will get.

IT was not my day as I got myself the Ballerina.Since she is a Ballerina, let's call her Angelina. :)

I am sure some girls would love it but for me, she is just too simple and lack of accessories. However she do have big brown eyes with thick eye lashes and a red cheek.

What mark a Ballerina?

First, her ballerina shoes. Normally it is white or silky pink.

Then it would be the Ballerina skirt that goes well when she dance especially spinning around.

Since she has long hair, she is required to tie her hair up with a ribbon.

For Playmobil deisgn, there are limited pose to pose the Ballerina and this is the best I can do for dancing.

My Ballerina is ready to dance and take the stage. I cannot imagine Playmobil made a male version of a ballerina to match her.

If you are into Ballet, this would be a good figure to collect and girls would not mind to get her as she is sweet.


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