Macross: Do you remember Why?

I will share something today instead of review for the love of to say...

Since my childhood days, Macross was one of the rare Japanese anime that screen on local television channel and I had followed the whole series after school daily. As the animation was a hit so were the toys. Toys ranges from original to bootleg, it was quite easy for much kids to get such toys. For kids, it really didn't matter it was original or bootleg.

I still remember original was heavy as the parts were diecast while the bootleg were much smaller in size that was made of plastic. However both bootleg and original can transform in all 3 modes.

After the original first generation series, I didn't follow up as first the local channel no longer aired the Chinese dubbed show and I do not have much access to rent VHS on the new series.

When I become a working adult, I decided to look for the good old generation VF-1J or VF-1S toys. By then, it is no longer diecast but it has moved to plastic produced by Bandai and Yamato. As I enter late, some of the new release cost closed to $100 and recently the prices went higher and higher till today around SGD $170 a piece.

Macross has moved from a mass toy to collectors market. Although they can earn a lot more from collectors market, the lifespan will be short. Can you imagine the generation which was the loyal fan is getting older and how many of them are falling out of this series for toy collecting?

I don't really blame them for making such decision to target the older fans who are financially sound but remember in  the series of Macross, the only hot selling mecha is the first generation only. As the newer generation, it is pale in comparison in term of the Mecha. Thanks to the cosplayers scene, the female characters such as Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee created a brand for themselves and gave more exposure to the series which still the Mecha does not pick up.

In a few years time, the collectors will be getting old and how many more years do you think collectors will get your toys especially they were kept re-releasing and re-issued? If the generation one is the only selling product and they do not capture the newer generation of fans, it is certain that they will disappear from the market in time to come and even the older collector products will dropped in it value without the younger generation loving the series. Some of the hardcore Macross collectors I know is also cutting down in collecting due to the pricing.

I can do without a Macross in my collection although I still have a certain love for it. Maybe one fine day, I will get one myself when the price is right but till then, my money will be spend on something else which is more affordable and getting something more out of it.

End of the day, everyone has a budget.


Unknown said…
I had bought one of the Bootleg Yamato VF-1A, the appeal of it to me was the fact that it was one of the unassembled figures that still needed paint. While I had trouble assembling it, it was otherwise fun and I managed to paint it up like the grunt VF-1A's.

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