Lego Death Star Tie Interceptor Pilot

When I read about Lego Starwars episode 1 is releasing this new series, I told myself to get the Death Star as not only the planet is cool (yes it is a man made planet if you want to argue on that) and it comes with a Tie interceptor Pilot!! Now how cool is that?

If that was still not clear enough, the back packaging will show the photo of the actual setup.

Did I tell you the detail of the Deathstar look good? I mean on the whole it was a simple design. No need coloring. Just the plastic gray and some outline will do.

Out of the package, the Deathstar show it full glory. Yes that is no moon.

The Death star is just a casing and the tie pilot and Tie fighter parts were stored inside.

The small lego parts were nicely packed in two plastic bags.

To enable the Death star to stand firmly on a ground, the lego gave it a stand.

Being a Death Star, it also gave you a opportunity to hang it in the mid air by putting a string tied to the hanger part.

The first part I put up will be the Lego figure of Tie Pilot which came in a display stand with the wording printed on it.

In Starwars, you never get a chance to see the Tie interceptor Pilot faces but the Lego, it gave him a face and it seems like he need to do some shaving as a Soldier. Maybe the Empire don't bother so much. LOL

Because all is fine when the Pilot put on his helmet.

Not forgetting to give him a blaster for self defensive weapon.

Now for the Mini Tie fighter.

The side view, you can see the wings and the blaster.

As for the back, there is nothing much to it.

Lego did a good job to have display presentation in mind that this set of Lego can have a display stand for the Tie fighter and the Tie Pilot.

The Tie Fighter stand allow the Tie fighter to spin around and in this instant, it look like the Tie Fighter is going to fire on the Tie Pilot himself. :P

If the Tie Fighter turned the other way, the story changes as if the Tie Fighter is turning the Tie Fighter as a Torrent.

You may fire when ready, Pilot.

This Lego is a fun toy and I believe this is the most popular in the series. I mean which Starwars fan do not want to owe a Death Star toy?

Will you pass out on this?


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