Each Sold Separately?

About a week ago, I got an email from a reader who wanted to share with me his shopping for toy experiences which totally put him off. Below was his sharing to me in an email.


I would like share my experience I had while shopping for Lego sets for my child. We went to this particular outlet at Novena area and my child was attracted by their display in its shop front's showcase. They have some rare Lego set but I have noticed much of it has handwritten notes pasted on them.

In closer examination, those notes spelled out what was in the box and what was taken out of the box too. They actually tampered with the set by removing some figures and sell it at the other section as loose for a certain amount of price. Make sense as that earned them much more.

I was so closed to get a set for my kid but I stopped because the set was not complete and if I should get the complete set, I have to pay more to get those loose pieces to form a set.

As I peered into their display case to look at the figurines, there those loose figures were selling at different pricing. On top of that display was another handwritten sign informing the shoppers not to ask the sales staff to take out the figurines from the display counter unless they are certain of purchasing the item of interest.

First, they messed with the Lego sets and second, their audacity in telling customers not to bother the sales staff unless you are very sure of buying is an affront to my rights as a consumer to examine my purchase before I part with my money. They certainly not going to get my money even if they have what I wanted "separately".

I hope you can share my experience through your blog. As a consumer, we should have the enjoyment of browsing and looking at the wares within reasonable means. Most importantly, we should have the guarantee that what we purchased have had not been tampered with.


I can fully understand this reader point of view as a seller, they have the right to determine their pricing and the terms they want to sell it but for the customer, the service attitude in communication said more about the product they are selling and not to mention share their dissatisfaction. It is a open economy end of the day. 

If a seller attitude already chase away normal consumers, how much more will it to the collectors who know what they want, the value of the products and where to sources it?

It sound so much like the following:

Really do you actually have to ask why?


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