Transformers Animated Waspinator

In the Transformers Animated series, Waspinator is one character who went through framed and betrayal. And today I am going to review this toy which at the end of this review, I too was being short changed too. Continue reading to find out.

In Transformers Animated, Waspinator was originally a Autobot who resemble Bumblebee physically enrolled themselves in the training to be Autobots Elite Guard. Both Wasp and Bumblebee never looked eye to eye and because of this weakness, a Decepticon spy Shockwave used that as an advantage to get Bumblebee to frame Wasp as a Decepticon spy.

Wasp was striped of being an Autobots and sentence to prison. However with the help of the Decepticon, he escaped vowing to have his vengeance on Bumblebee. Later Wasp was seduced by Blackarachnia and transformed himself to be a organic wasp named Waspinator .

So here he is, Waspinator

Time to Open the Toy!

As I opened up the card, I saw a limb of Waspinator fallen out. Luckily I was managed to fit in the limb as a insect. The toy is stay true to the designed of the animated series and in all manner looked like a Wasp.

As the crown of the Wasp head, a Decepticon logo.

As a Wasp, it is expected to not only have wings but to be able flap it too and this toy do just that by the pressing of the button at the back.

As an insect, Waspinator was given many limbs just like Blackarachnia.

There are two tiny arms which in the insect world suppose to feed themselves with that hands but in the animation, the two tiny hand shoot up sting ray paralyzing the victim.

The transformation is pretty straight forward by pulling down the legs and it can stand

The Wasp insect head will need to pull down and become his chest and that instant, the head of Waspinator will be shown in full view.

There it is, the Waspinator standing tall.

In robot mode, the butt of the Waspinator gave not only better balance but a wasp like feature.

Instead of double limbs from the Wasp mode, both arms can merge together and form a decent hand.

However of my case, the left arms of Waspinator in robot look incorrect no matter how hard I tried to fit it together.

It turned out that both of left arms are the same part and that is the reason why it can never fit together like the right limbs.

Originally I thought it was the animation designed but I realized shortly that is not the case. It's the quality issue of the assembling process that some working simply put the part wrongly without paying much attention in their work. That was the reason why one of the limb fallen out of the figure.

Waspinator on the other hand start blaming on Blackarachnia...

* Lady Gaga jokes just in case you guys don't get it...

Sadly Blackarachnia is correct, the Quality Control should be the one to blame. Now I kept this figure unopened for some time and there is no way for me to exchange the part. :(

Just my luck I guess but somehow this mistake gave my Waspinator uniqueness and character. Don't you think so?

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