Transformers Animated Blurr

In Transformers Animated, Blurr was a Autobots Elite Intelligence and as I am a big fan of the Animated series, I got to have my hands on this unique Autobots.

For a Transformers fan, both robot and vehicle mode must be something that interest me and for Blur is one of those few Transformers who look good in both mode. Let's start with his vehicle mode.

Blurr vehicle form is all about sleek and futuristic. The vehicle design remind me very much of Tron with hollow wheels and illuminate outlines.

The vehicle design fit Blurr for speed and sleekness.

It is after all important for a Elite Intelligent to have the speed and grace for going into enemies area and collection intell. I just cannot get enough of the Tron looking hollow wheels.

The sigma of Autobots Elite guard can be found displayed proudly in front of it bonnet

From the view from the top, Blurr look sharp!

If you begin the Transformation, the first thing to remove in Vehicle is the bonnet.

The Bonnet will transform into weapon.

The bonnet can transformed into Blurr melee weapon as a Saw.

Blurr robot mode is tall and sleek. He should be one of the tallest figure in deluxe class.

The weapon can be fixed on his arm if you need Blurr to go into battle.

On the close up of the figure, it resemble well of Blurr in the animation

Regardless of his skinny legs, this Blurr toy can pose well and isn't as hard as I thought it would be for keeping itself balance.

I have never regret to get Blurr into my Transformers Animated toys collection as he is one interesting Autobots with a personality of a class of it's own.

Do you like Blurr too?


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