Starwars Episode 1 R2-D2

Every Saga has a beginning.

It is my pleasure to share with you a Starwars Episode 1, The Phantom Menace figure which I kept more than a decade ago.

To be honest, I didn't get much of the toy in this series and since I have a R2-D2 loose, I kept this R2 in storage. Since the 3D version is going to open again this week, I decided to go into my slash to look for such old figures. So here it is. R2-D2 in Episode 1 packaging. I have to say I dig this packaging simply because of the color and the face of Darth Maul.

One of the unique feature of this line was that each figure comes with a Commtech chip which will interact with another chip using the Electronic Commtech Reader. Unfortunately, I didn't get the device then.

At the back of the card comes with introduction of other characters in figurines in the series.

These figures were released in 1998 by Hasbros which made in China and there is a Official Starwars fan club advertisement there.

There was a simple instruction of the figure in this case R2-D2 by twisting head and pushing up the legs

Time to Open the Toy!

Here it is, R2-D2 from Episode 1. He is the only droids with a timeless design both in the real world and in Starwars universe.

The astromech droid R2-D2 serves on board the Naboo Royal Starship of Queen Amidala. A multifaceted utility droid, R2-D2 becomes a hero in the struggle against the Trade federation's invasion of Naboo.

Here is the mug shot of the back of R2-D2.

One of the feature of this R2-D2 of having him to have jet pack that allow him to hoover or fly. To do that, you have to turn the head from the side to the front. One thing to note that the turning of the head is restricted to only less than 45 degrees...

Complete the transformation by pushing up the leg and should see four jet parts exposing by the side.This is where R2 get to flight mode and go on the ship to do repair for his royal Queen spaceship.

On the Commtech chip itself, there was a writing of the information on R2-D2. COMMTECH Chip sound effects include 7 different expressions. This chip interacts with Anakin Skywalker, C3PO, Jar Jar Blinks, Padme and Jedi.

The front of the chip comes with 3D photo of R2-D2.

This figure had quite a fatal mistake which is the paint job on top of the R2-D2 was not in place. See the circle paint should be around the center circle.

Compare Episode 1 R2-D2 with another R2-D2 that I got years ago, I can see some minor differences in paint and parts. Firstly the episode 1 got it correct to have the R2-D2 light or eyes to be in blue color but that red one was generated by electronic LED and made sound. The head cannot even turn tho.

On the side you can see the differences on the leg part?

Obviously the top paint look so inconsistent.

Regardless, this version of the R2-D2 toy still look better and close the original that I know.

Now the golden question. Are you going to the theater to watch Starwars episode 1 in 3D?


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