Sport Champ Playmobil Fi?ures Series 1

We are the Champion my friend! I remember this song bring sung whenever someone won some matches during the school sport day.

Say hi to a sport champ from a local college from Playmobil Fi?ures Series.

In all honestly since I tried my luck on blind pack, this sporty fella is not in my top list of what I wanted to get. Well that's life. you can't always get what you wanted but just make the best of what you got. Anyway on with the review.

Maybe it's my locality but seeing someone dress in a full set of sweater don't really make me think of being a sport man. You don't see much on anyone dress like this in the streets of Singapore as it is usually hot and such attire ain't cool....

Since this figure comes with a hood, I was hoping that it can do a covering over the head but too bad they didn't design that way.

On the positive point, I like his hair design and color. Somehow his hairstyle remind me of Luke Skywalker from the new hope. Such hairstyle will not be approve in much institution actually.

The unique feature about this figure was his shoes which was a sport shoe. You don't see much feet design in Playmobil.

Can you see the brand of the shoe? LOL

For accessory, he comes with a tall trophy. No mention what he won too. Personally I think a medal will be a better fit for this case.

If that is not enough, he even comes with a certificate with some wording I have a hard time understanding it.

Can you read what was written on it?

Somehow this figure with the certificate reminded me that you can still get into some school not by mere academic results by being good at certain sport too. This is true as I know of some real life cases that someone was so good in his sport that good school take them in to help the school in achieve some medals and he get away with his certification in academy. So never be a jack of all trades. If you not good in studies, put your best effort in sports and you never know where it will land you.

This sport Champ did pay his price in up keeping his body fit. You can see him in training hard such as doing the standing board jump.

Pull himself up regularly at pull up bar.

Do a lot of situp to get the 6 packs although for this figure you won't get to see the abs.

Sometime when the going get tough, you just need some encouragement from someone to push you through such as coach which you will hate them during those time...

But at the end of it when you see the result, you can't thank them for their contribution for your achievement.

Ultimately when it comes to physically training, the only enemy is yourself and your thinking.
Do you agree?


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