3 Reasons to collect Transformers

When one is into toy collecting so much that often we missed some good reasons why we do what we did. Just the other day, a friend of mine asked me why I have so much love for collecting Transformers. Ain't they expensive? Such question set me thinking and I have decided to gather my thoughts and list down some valid reasons as much as I can.

1. Two Toys for the price of One.
What is Transformers if they cannot transform in the first place. As a toy, the important part is playing with the toy and what better way to fun than to transform them from Vehicle to robot mode and from robot to vehicle mode again. In the economic angle, you are paying two different toys for the price of one. If you that doesn't convince you, think about the effort to get the toy designers to be able to change the parts without tearing it apart.

2. Monetary Value
Compare to other toys, Transformers value seems to be there especially when it comes to old generation or some collectors edition.That being said, not all Transformers toys has increasing values. Much of it such as the movie version toys often landed in massive sales items.

If by now you are reading this and considering to "invest" in buying and keeping Transformers and sell it off later to make you rich, look around you and ask yourself this question: How many collectors you know sold their Transformers collection and get rich?  Chances are such collectors did earn some cash back when they have needed and if you see the time and effort they have invested to collect, it may just broke even the most.

3. Transformers Storyline and Characters
I realized what make me collect the toys had to do with the characters in the cartoons which I loved watching in the 80s and the recent animation series. The simple stories of G1 of Good Vs Evil and memorial characters like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream stole the heart and mind of many. When the toys appeared just like in the cartoon in both disguise mode and robot mode, every kid went crazy.

The love and connection of the characters are so successful that the same characters name being used in various series and toys, it still draw many of it's followers in different product lines of Transformers. It's a tested formula and you cannot go wrong with that. Even for repaint...

There you have it. 3 reasons I can think of for getting Transformers toy. If you have other reasons, I am more than willing to hear about it at the comment section. ")


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