Kotobukya Danbo model kit coming in June!

Danbo, one of the all time favorite who has a big fan based of the Toys as photography is releasing on another toy line! Beside getting Revoltech version of Danbo, now you can get a cheaper and more interesting version as a Model kit by Kotobukiya.

The descend of Danbo. Personally I find this pose very simpliar to Append Miku. 

This model kit version offer not only affordable pricing but also pose-ability that is equal to it's revoltech counter part. He can stand, walk...

and sit as a relax pose.So happy go lucky.

The head seems be be able to form a box and there is a switch on the side of the box which is just for show (I think)

It does not really light up as in LED but it can be simulated by having yellow eyes.

By now you may notice the hands and feets has 3mm holes. That is designed for any accessories of 3mm to put on Danbo. Just like the picture below with M.S.G. and Frame Arts parts or weapons.So armed your own Danbo.

Each of this Danbo cost 2940 Yen and they will be releasing in June 2012.

Look out for it Danbo fans. I will keep my eye on this for sure!


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