Mattel making Hoverboard from Back to the Future

Great news for Back to the Future fans as news of Mattel is planning to release a 1:1 replica of the Hoverboard first make it debut in Back to the Future 2.

Mattel is getting your pre-order from 1st of March to 20th March 2012. That mean if you are keen to have one of this replica, head over during that period to place your order.

So far no price were mention and being a pre-order, you faced the risk that if the minimum number is not met, this replica Hoverboard will not go into production. So if you are a Back to the Future fan and wanted a replica Hoverboard which "glide" over most surface but not on water, make you move to go for the pre-order at

As a Back to the Future fan, I felt this replica come too late. If it was release earlier, I would glide and play with it even if it doesn't hover. Then again if I have a daughter, I may get one for her since it so pinky.:P

Note: If by 2015 this hoverboard still cannot hover, I fear for Martin's future when he actually snatched the Mattel hoverboard from the little girl in the future.

Great Scott....


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