Mass Effect Warhammer OTTi

Who is this? Is it from the Gear of Wars or Mass Effect?

Seems like a heavy armed soldier going for some kind of war. He even as a sigma on his shoulder blade.

Wait a minute... I know that face! It's OTTi!!

What is OTTi doing in such armor? Well this custom OTTi was a surprised gift done modification and painted by an old friend of mine, Andrew. He has been doing much on this hobby and getting really a expert that he even get request for commission work!

To let you have a scale of the work put into this figurine, allow me to show you the size comparison with a 2.5 inches OTTi.

This version of OTTi was done with Warhammer scale figurines with some modification like OTTi unique hand. To that scales, let's look at the details.

He even did the base modification with rocks and grass miniatures

OTTi looked armed and Dangerous and ready for action...

And it seems like OTTi is getting on...

Can Warhammer OTTi defeat it's adversary?

Remember, Size matters Not. Is this statement True?


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