Jar Jar Binks Mini

If you think the hate list of villain in Starwars Episode 1 was Darth Maul or Darth Sidious, you are gravely mistaken. The Public enemy in number one spot is Jar Jar Binks!

Jar Jar originally was a outcast from his Gungan community and all that took a turn to better when he met a Jedi and his Padawan. He started an adventure unknowingly getting himself in the battle of Naboo and survived.

Now you maybe thinking since he is not a popular character why do I have him as a toy in my collection? I got him as a complementarity gift on my purchase and he is not a regular 31/4 inch figure but a much more small version. I will show you the size of him later in the post as the review goes along.

Here is Jar Jar Binks dressed in his own native attire. Although he should be tall, somehow he always slough as he walk.

You can have a good look as his fin like ears from the back and how bad the sloughing is.

For the toy, his "ears" can be flipped up but that is not originally design that way but the soft rubber ears for this toy can do that but it will not hold to that position for long.

This mini version of the toy only allow movement on both legs and arms by moving up and down and nothing more.

Now here is the comparison of the size of this Mini Jar Jar Binks to my episode 1 R2-D2.

here is Jar Jar in his usual self in episode 1...

Hurray for a day of peace! LOL

Every dog has his day. Ten years after the battle of Naboo, Jar Jar became a delegate to the Galactic Senate. How he landed himself there was a mystery. Jar Jar later played a big part to empower  republic to have their clone soldier and indirectly powering the empire... so what's new? LOL


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