What Rock Shooter is this?

A discussion happened between me and Fuzzy  who was a big fan of BRS PSP version saw the inconsistent design and news on Medicom RAH WRS prototype.

The WRS as we all know was to be like this.

Take note on the costume, a scythe as weapon and the Magenta flame on the right side of WRS.

However Medicom RAH WRS turned out to be like this which is still dressed like BRS but it is in White holding an axe.

I noticed this version of WRS is more like a "repaint" of BRS as we discover a series of inconsistency on this RAH WRS.

First off, WRS costume is wrong compare to the game or other image version. It is more like a alternate color of BRS. On this point maybe is just a costume so it is not that wrong right?

At the same picture, I would like to point out that WRS do not have the scar on her belly as only BRS has it and the Medicom RAH version has it.

To my understanding WRS is parallel to BRS which mean everything should be a mirror image. Like BRS flame is on her left eye, WRS is on her right. This version of the WRS the flame is still on her left eye but instead of Megeta the flame is in black. Hm... something is not right here...

Last of all is the weapon which is an Axe which although was unheard of, it is one weapon designed by "huke" the original designer of the BRS series characters. So it is kind of original.

As much as I know it, this is a customized WRS by Medicom who is using the same mold as BRS and trying to do something different and hopefully fish in the WRS fans. However the true fan like Fuzzy who is a big fan of vocaloid and the BRS series has this to say
" The figure does not resemble any known version of BRS in media, mainstream or otherwise. The closest version I've seen only exists in an official artbook, and that one didn't wield the weapon that comes with this figure.

I'm not too certain on other collectors' views, but I collect figures mostly because I get a nostalgic feeling from the figures representing the characters I like.

I don't see the logic in getting this since it doesn't represent the BRS I know and love."

To the collectors this toy is rather subjective and it is a thin line between making a customized repaint works especially it is trying to appease the fans. I guess they may have to work harder than that if they really want to get that circles.

Then again there are others who just buy the figure without knowing much knowledge of the figurine...but for SGD$200 or more? One has to be very rich or thinking really hard before buying.

Anyway this is just a prototype and no news of it being done for actual product. So we all have to just wait and see. Nevertheless it is fun to point things out and hear different point of view.

So what's your view on this WRS?


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