Super Famicom Controller

I have so much sweet memories in my younger days playing my favorite SNES games with controller like this.

When I read the news TakaraTomy coming out a tribute to Nintendo controller by having them as keychain with lights, I tell myself to get some of those I wanted.

In this series, you have the vintage first generation famicom controller, Super Famicom Controller...

Nintendo64 and the current Wii much of motion controllers comes with Black and White version.

For these toys, you can see the trademark on it's back with Nintendo copyrights.

Among all these model of controller, I am very much attached to the Super Famicom controller which to me was one of the controller of revolution simply with design of the plastic material and button layout.

Firstly it continue the direction pad on the left which today most game console still use this design. 

On the right are the four action buttons which uses different colors to make the controller look lively however the naming of the button was not that successful as XY and AB does not really stand out. Sony later uses the same format on play station and uses symbol instead. Today regardless the naming, these layout of the right 4 buttons still remain.

When you think 4 buttons should be enough, Nintendo at Super famicom era push further to add 2 more buttons that are logical and friendly. The L and R button. Now this time the naming of the button was replicate later across other console. See how important naming of buttons are?

Now the question you may asked why Nintendo created 6 actions buttons? I can tell you it is not because of RPG but more for action game which one of those defining game of that era which I was crazy about "Street Fighter II".

With 6 actions buttons, players can use the Light, Medium and Heavy Kick or Punches. And with the movement of the direction pad, you will do wonders to summon the killing moves which was awesome. You can forget about the sound effect as most of the time the players will be doing the sound effect of those special moves. LOL

Anyway this toy is just a keychain for much of the display and the only "useful" feature is that by pressing the button, the light will on and off. Nothing fanciful.

This toy for me is just a tribute to the wonderful controller designs and good design last long. Do you agree?


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