Nendoroid 100: Disney Mickey Mouse

Everybody love Mickey Mouse....or most children that is. Good Smile Company for the milestone of releasing the 100 figure in Nendoroid line had obtain licenses from Disney and produce a cutie Mickey Mouse! How can I passed out for that.

It comes with lots of accessories and most of all it is the most articulated figure of Mickey Mouse so far. With Nendoroid style, it really brought out the best of Mickey!

In recent years I was more attached to Mickey due to the fact that Mickey was one of the character my son love. We have been spending quite a lot of time watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Junior channel.

Time to OPEN THE TOY!!

When I opened up the box, the figure parts were neatly displayed and well protected with plastics.

It comes with one small instruction sheets of some of the changeable parts of Mickey and his accessories.

First feature was the changeable eyes. The face was welled molded and painted with Mickey signature looks.

The face is detachable and at the back of the face you can remove the eyes.

Changing the eyes from looking forward to looking to the side is a breeze.

As for the hands, Mickey comes with 2 pairs of arms straight and bend each side and 3 sets of hands. Great for changing pose.

One of the important feature that I love was his cute thin tail. As cute as it seems, the tail help very much for this figure to balance and act as weight support in many ways.

For accessories comes with a chair such as Hollywood looking or some may called it a director chair with his name and logo on it.

As the theme was more of film making, it comes with a Clapperboard for noting the takes or scene. It can open...

And closed! Neat!

Now coming back to the Chair, the accessory was more than showing than usage as Mickey cannot sit on the chair.

As a director, Mickey also have his own megaphone that doesn't need batteries. Old fashion and good!

Next will be Mickey own camera for filming. Again the logo of Mickey is printed on the camera.

The Mickey Studio camera is using the old fashion film in stead of digital media for classic feel.

The camera stand was tripod of Mickey looking feet and as a tail, it was a 2-pin plug.

The height of the camera is just nice for Mickey.

With that I think Mickey can start the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse starting theme take one! ACTION!

Mickey can do the Hot Dog Dance too! If you have no idea what I am referring to you can click on here to watch.

Okay that very much wrap out this amazing Mickey Mouse to have for fans. Till then let's say bye to Mickey Mouse for this review!

Yes we will see you real soon Mickey... maybe in Disneyland? :D

Do you love Mickey? What is your thought of this Mickey Mouse Toy?


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