Lego Queen of Egypt

I always have a fascination on Egypt history and Culture. So I can't pass on the Egyptian lady from Lego mini figurine series.

Behold the queen of Egypt... Is she Cleopatra? I doubt so

I love the design arts on her robe which the pattern of wings both on the collar and the waist.

Instead of wearing of a crown, she wore a head band. That explain why I do not think she is a queen. Even on her head band having the wing like desgin on her head band.

One thing special about this lego figure was instead of two feet, she come with just one long dress as a robe.

She also comes with an accessory which some may mistaken it as a rod or a long cane. However it was suppose to be a snake or the olden English addressed that as a serpent. I have no idea why on earth a Egyptian woman comes with a green snake. If it was a cat I can fully understand. For a serpent, I figure out that she could be kind of a evil character.

Coming back to the character herself, I personally find the make up was quite colorful.

But we all know the fate of the Egpytian that their destiny will be something like this for mummification.

If you are wondering that is the Mummy from the previous series which comes with a scorpion. I do have a guts feeling that the Mummy is somehow related to the Egyptian woman.

Yes it could be the husband. Scary isn't it if you make a vow of death till us part where in this case he is now an undead.

I will be looking out for other Egyptian series in time to come. Kinda remind me of MJ remember the time music video. LOL


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