Kamen Rider Kaixa Kaixa Shot

I wished I can tell you that I got a new camera but this is a toy and it is one of the gadget from Kamen Rider Kaixa!

Now the reason I bought this because it was on offer and the camera look really cool. No attachment to the specific kamen rider which is Kiaxa in this case.

By reading the back of the card, I am totally sold with the features.

This Kaixa Shot is one of the side gadget of the kamen rider.
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Open up the toy and only can see 3 parts.

The front of the camera you will see the len, flash and buttons.

The back you can see the LCD screen. Look like real.

The bottom of the toy shows the manufacture period of this products.

If you remove the LCD panel, you will see the batteries compartment which 2 AA batteries are needed for this toy.

By pressing the button, the LED of the flash light area will be ignited with sound. Say Cheese!

You can insert the Kamen Rider seal and the camera suppose to be transformed it from a ordinary camera to kiaxa shot.

You can transformed the camera this way by holding it this way. This is more for a kid toy so excuse me if my hand look bigger. LOL

In this position if you trigger it, the front red LEDs will light up with sound effect.

Now this camera comes with a sleeve so if you have the Kamen Rider belt, you can slot it in.

It will slot into place nicely ready for you to draw out.

I felt this toy look cool and great for kids to enjoy playing the role of a Kamen Rider. As for me the gadget look cool and the price is on great discount. So no harm in buying and play with it.

What do you guys think about this toy?


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