Hot Toys The Dark Knight: 1/6th scale Batmobile Coming

Of all the Batmobile in the Batman movie series, I find the one in the Dark Knight version is the best.

Since Hottoys roll out a 1/6th scale of Batman from the Dark Knight (re-release version), it make prefect sense to have a Batmobile for the Batman.

Behold the Dark Knight rises...

The Batmobile comes with good paints on detail such as metallic gold parts and LEDs for lights.
The cockpit like the movie allow it to open and closed.

Batman seated so comfortably in the Batmobile. 

Like most vehicle, the engine uses the back of the wheel to give traction to drive the Batmobile and as such it provide bigger tyres that can easily flatten most objects.

You can have this Batmobile around SGD$500 in the middle of 2012 as it reported today.

As nice as it is close to the real Batmobile in the The Dark Knight movie, I do not think it can eject itself to become a cycle mode. If that can be done, it would be prefect...just like the movie...


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