Hot Toys Cosbaby Toy Story Series 2 Coming

Cosbaby series from Hot Toys will be releasing Toy Story series 2 figures soon and there are some interesting ones that caught my eyes when I saw the prototype pictures.

What you are seeing here are prototype photographs which may look different when you see the actual product.

This figures from series 2 are more futuristic and at the same time with some old west theme.

Firstly Woody still dressed the same but he carry a space gun. Yes it is like Cowboy & Aliens. While Buzz lightyears still stay true as himself as a space ranger. I love the helmet of Buzz.

There are 2 Aliens in this series, Cowboy Alien and Spaceman Alien and all the Aliens say "Oooooo ~"

Now come the two most interesting characters and a good make over. Meet Evil Dr. Porkchop with a one eye patch and hovering on a space vessel while Rex got himself a space helmet. Both look really cool and cute!!

I have to bring extra attention to Rex as this version of cosbaby series really bring out the cuteness and the awesome details of Rex. Surely Rex from this series would not worry if he can take any rejection as he is so CUTE!!!

If you are interested in this series, it should be release in the first quarter of 2012. We just hope the actual product will look this good. :)


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