Happy Dragon New Year!

This is the year of Dragon so it is proper to get a dragon toy and play with it!

To be honest, this Dragon was for decoration but I modify it to use it with my toys. Just like Chinese Lion Dance, this is something of that sort but in this case a Dragon. Just nice for one person to dance the Dragon dance.

Unlike western Dragons in stories, the Chinese Dragon often comes with two horns on it's head and body are more serpent like. For dancing purposes, they made the dragon to look more friendly with smiling expression with no sharp teeth.

On the back of this decoration Dragon was a short body with a Chinese letter "Fu (福)" meaning prosperity.

Beside the looks of the dragon, the one that make the Dragon dance come to life will be the dancer himself. Often these dancers are from some martial art organization and with proper training, they have the stamina and skills to do great performance.

For this case, I have Son Goku from Dragonball to do the honor of the Dragon dance. Since it is Dragon year, let's have the Dragonball team to do some well wishes for the new year. :)

Wow it is a GEM to see Goku and Vegeta to do something together. Readers you guys are in luck!

PS: Huat Ah means Good luck which normally related to wealth.

Well here's my best wishes to all you readers of this toy blog. Let's have a prosperous new year in the year of the Dragon!

Hey...what is this?

Sorry for the joke as I am currently playing Elder scroll Skyrim. :P Yes playing game for the new year holidays. LOL



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For sell ? Price ?

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