Gatchaman 2 New God Phoenix EX Gokin

Gatchaman or in some region known as Battle of the Planet was one anime I loved to watched in my childhood. I love the costume to their vehicles and most of all their mothership. In Gatchaman 2, the main ship takes on a bird form of a Phoenix which is really cool even till today

After a few decades, the toy got a remake which comes with diecast parts for this God Phoenix by Fewture!

The plane comes with 5 mini vehicles which were driven by the 5 Gatchaman. One thing I remember was there always wearing a number like some baseball T-shirt when they are "off duty".

As a diecast toy, these vehicle pay tribute to the anime to fit into various part of the God Phoenix just like the Anime!

Here's a treat of the retro advertisement of the God Phoenix in Japanese of the vintage version.

This awesome God Phoenix which much like the vintage one will be releasing in June 2012 with a huge priced tag around 23,000 Yen. Reason for the justification would be the diecast parts and selected group of fans and collectors who watched this anime when they are growing up globally.

This should be a must have if you have the budget for this God Phoenix. Be carefully to handle with care in your playtime and do not let it fall to the ground which hurt you if it hurt your feet and if it doesn't you will still feel the pain as the paint maybe chipped. LOL


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