Every Optimus Prime must have a Trailer

Optimus Prime should always comes with a trailer. Period. Fans want it that way and when there is a demand, there will be a supply one way or another. Since Voyager Optimus Prime need a trailer, someone gave it a trailer (except TakaraTomy version)

The trailer comes with this box packaging front and back.I have no idea why there imprinted 16+ and up. Maybe because there are many small parts in the trailer. Or maybe it was a brand name of the manufacture of this OEM version. LOL

There is no mention of the maker and you can said this is an OEM in a way I guess. LOL

Time to Open the Toy and review this OEM trailer.

The front of the trailer come with a shiny looking Autobots logo.

At the back is a simple looking opening like most truck trailer to wheel cars into it.

You can put a deluxe class vehicle into the trailer with not much issue. That's cool right?

If you look inside from the view, you can see the awesome components inside the trailer. Honestly I do not know what is the used of the hooks but it just look so cool. LOL

The trailer comes with a stand to let it stand alone and it allow the stand to stand down when you need to fit into the Truck.

The trailer can be open like G1 trailer and there are various points to hook up the weapons and what not.

In this case, I will place the weapon of the Voyager Optimus Prime. Fit in very nicely.

Now come the most important part, how will this trailer look when it is attached to the voyager Optimus Prime? The answer...It look AWESOME!!

The trailer is flexible to allow turning of the truck and it won't disengage easily.

Here is a size comparison of the trailer and truck with a deluxe class vehicle. Somehow the truck look small...

No matter as the truck and trailer look totally sweet as the Optimus prime I expected it to be. And because it comes together as a package on great discount, I grab it.

Now we have hear about the Dragon version for China Hasbro leader Optimus Prime. I wonder how would a voyager Optimus Prime goes with the theme of the Dragon. For the fun of it, I did a digital version and I think it look better than that. :P

What do you think?

In summary, every Optimus Prime has to come with a trailer. No question about that. Agree?


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