Enterbay Elvis 68 Comeback

It has been 35 years since the King of Rock and Roll left us and Kotobukiya and Enterbay will be releasing a 1/6 scale (12-inch Figure) Elvis Presley in his prime in the 68 Comeback Special.

Being a Elvis fan, I was impressed with the head sculpt of the likeness of Elvis.

I have to point out that this version would be the one before or in the beginning of the show as his hair is combed back neatly. As the show goes on, Elvis "Superman" curl hairstyle took over. I do wish they release that hairstyle as he look way better with that. Just look at the cover below of the show.

I found a video of the show when you can see in the beginning of the song, his hair was combed back neatly. But when he really rock later, you can see his hairstyle look cooler!!

Notice the Guitar? Enterbay did the same replicate! The figure comes with a few set of hands and a amplifier and a mic and stand. 

This figure really pay tribute to Elvis who is not only sing good Rock and Roll songs but a great love songs too. The world of music will be different without Elvis.

This figurine is a collector series and unless you are fan, please go ahead to get it and display it. It is not advisiable to get this to store up and think you can sell it as higher price as it rob other fans of getting it and with such leather suited figure, be my guess and store it mint in box and see a few years later what will happen to the leather. :)

Personally I have some Elvis figure too but that will be review in the near future. Look out for this release schedule in March 2012 by enterbay.


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