Bravism Bleach - Styling Coming

If you have been following Bleach Anime and Manga, the following figures will excite you. I know it excite me. In preparation for Jump Festa 2012, Bandai will be releasing a set of 4 Bleach Styling in Bravism candy figure line in March 2012.

These 15cm in height figurines are well scripted. For the first time, Ichigo in Fullbring as a toy figure!

Rukia however was quite a disappointed to me for the facial expression does not quite look like her...something is wrong with her eyes in my opinion. Other than her face, the pose and body look good.

Renji on the other hand look exactly as how he is suppose to be. A proud and arrogant pose. Notice the figure of Renji don't even need to have his zanpakuto (sword) drawn to look good?

Now you hear me saying there are 4 figurines but we just shown 3 in the picture. Well for Ichigo there are two version. A minor different with mask on or without his mask. I think these are variant.

So the lucky one should be with the Mask on. LOL

The trio of Ichigo, Rukia and Renji will sell for ¥3,780 released in March 2012.

Any thoughts of these cool looking figurines? Worth the price?


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