Acree Transformers Prime Review

For the beginning of the year, I decided to do a Transformers Prime series, Acree review.

Ever since I watched the series, I told myself she is one Autobot toy that I must have. It could be she is the only female character for Autobots.

I went for TakaraTomy version and this is the First Edition.  You can see Hasbro logo there but you will also see the TakaraTomy logo. Regardless Hasbro or TakaraTomy license, both were made in China.

If you are wondering what is the difference between Hasbro and TakaraTomy Version, there are some obvious difference as such the TakaraTomy Version display the figure in robot mode while Hasbro version are in vehicle mode. Generally TakaraTomy version comes with more painted colors which is one reason why the price for this series are more higher compare to the Hasbro version.

Another thing I want to point out about the card packaging is the calm shell is a helmet design which I believe it is Bumblebee. I didn't realised that until I open the toy and look at the naked Clam shell.

On the card, Acree from the Transformers Prime series look really good.

Out of the box, the standing Acree look good all around.

As a lady, the important part will be the heels and Acree do have some good heels. Good thing is there are not too high.

As for weapons and accessories, Acree only comes with two blades which can be attached on both of her arms. The designer was wise to give Acree a good looking lady curve as a good blossom.

As a action figure in robot mode, Acree can do some good pose.

Spining blades! Somehow at this view, Acree's bottom look bee like.

I have made a comparison of this deluxe Acree with a older scout class Acree in my collection. Deluxe of course is way taller than scout class. Good improvement of the design.

For robot mode, I give Acree a full 5 stars for the design and consistent to the animation.

Okay let's transform it to vehicle mode!

The Transformation is simple and very straight to the point. This is part of the transformation in Vehicle and Robot mode. Funny right?

I love this part of transformation of Acree's legs kneeing down to be vehicle mode.

In vehicle mode, Acree was simply well disguised. It look so cool as a Motorbike.

Both back and front are so flawless. No sign of the Autobot logo on Acree in Vehicle mode.

I just felt they can put some sticker on the dashboard to make it more realistic.

Now I am trying to put some character as a rider on Acree so she can move around without any rider and the best one I can find is a 3.75" Kamen Rider.

Does it look good?

In short this Acree make me glad to have her in my collection. Worth every cents I paid and somehow I love her in Robot mode more.

Now some G1 fans always felt Acree should be in pink and there was a pink version as an exclusive for this Acree. Personally I think it look weird for a pink motorbike. Maybe that is just me but I feel this blue tone suit Acree well. If it is Red, it could be better but I shouldn't give Hasbro ideas.


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