What's on my Christmas Tree this year?

As Christmas is drawing near, I have adore my family Christmas tree with some of the toys.

These year it is a mixed of the some of the new and old toys. Those keychains capsule or Gashapon toys are the best and it is the only time there are useful in away. LOL

First off is the Drossel 2 capsule that I got sometime back. How can I forget her.

My Monoeye series 2 also come into play. Isn't the neko (cat) version cute?

The Earth Federation force helmet from Gundam UC series was also use as a decoration. Does this seems weird to be on the Christmas tree?

Giroro from the Keroro series is standing guard or preparing an ambush.

While Sergent Keroro getting the attention he wanted among the Christmas decoration.

Ichigo from Bleach seems like looking for someone.

While Rukia is hiding one corner... from Ichigo? Hm...

Even when I display Monoeye series 2, how can I forgotten series 1? So they were display once again this year.

And finally will end this post with SD Drossel from series 1.

These are some of the decoration I put up this year for my Christmas tree. Nonetheless, I still put up some tradition decoration on the tree together with it.:)

I personally find such toy decoration even tho appear messy and out of place sometime but it will give more details to look around the trees. What do you think?


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