Transformer Generations BumbleBee

More than a year or two ago, I placed my whole line of order of Transformers War of Cyberton toys with a particular toy seller and one whom I regard as long-time friend who in the end ran away with my pre-order money. I had made my whole payment on the figures and since I can't get back my money, it is awfully painful to pay the same amount of money to get the same toys. So I waited out and kind of given up.

Life is good to me and once again my patience has served me well to see that the same series went on cheap sales. One of the figure I wanted was Bumblebee. So here it is....Finally just for SGD$10.00 at Toy"R"Us Singapore recently.

This Bumblebee is from the various platform game, Transformers War of Cyberton and the packaging is catching as the Bumblebee color theme made everything in 3 colors, Yellow, Black and Red.

Out of box, Bumblebee as stoutly as he is can balance well with his two legs.

At the back view, Bumblebee looked more like carrying a Turtle shell.


Regardless, in most action pose, Bumblebee still can balance well.

* Run BB Run!

The amazing thing was the area surface of his feet was thin and yet it can balance the body. It was a elegant design if you asked me.

Another thing that I like about this Bumblebee was pay tribute to his G1 facial design. The classic look (unlike the animated and movie series).

As for weapons, Bumblebee comes with his blaster which is yellow too. Somehow his blaster remind me of Nerf N-Strike Maverick gun.

For short range, Bumblebee is armed with two blades on each of his arms which can be hidden in his arms.

That is so much on Robot mode but how about vehicle mode?

One of the thing I am attracted about this version of Bumblebee was something refreshing of it futuristic vehicle design.

The transformation was pretty simple and straight forward. The car design remind me very much of Tron vehicles just that the color was Yellow instead of Neo colors.

Compare to the recent classic Bumblebee which was more like a Suzuki swift, this version look much bigger in size and scales. Nonetheless Bumblebee design was there.

As the vehicle mode Bumblebee laid on my table beside my computer, subconsciously my hand reach out to it in such manners...

What is happening to me? Why I treat this like a mouse? It felt so right as my fingers goes click click thinking something on the PC screen will happen and function as a mouse...
br />
Undoubtedly as cool as the vehicle mode is, it really feel like a mouse to me.

If it is a mouse, will it be Bluetooth or Wifi/wireless connection? LOL

Way to go Cybertron Bumblebee! :D


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