Short trip to Comic Fiesta 2011

Comic Fiesta 2011 started yesterday 17th to today 18th of December 2011 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Since I was in town and happen to have some time, I went down to take a look at the event.

Originally I thought I will lost my way since I am not familiar with the area but when I arrived at KLCC, I saw many cosplayers in crowd walking to a certain direction. All I did was follow the crowd and I successfully arrive at the venue. I was so excited to go into the hall to purchase the ticket and with 1 and a half hour of spare time I have on my hand, I though I can take a quick look at the event. I was wrong.

* The Magical girl and Kyuubi will lead the way.

When I arrived at the venue outside the event hall at 12pm, I saw a super long line of human queue. I asked a around and learned that the management of the venue was limiting people going into the hall even thought some of them already had the ticket on their wrist. At the entrance of the hall, it was jammed pack.

I access the situation and was told there were too many people in the hall that they have to stop people of entering. The news greatly sadden me as I have limited time on my hand. There is no way I can enter the venue even to take a look at the legendary event in Malaysia. However I was impressed by the size of the crowd that turned up. I did travel to the end of the queue to see if there will be any chances for me to get in but after walking close to 400 meters, I decided to drop the idea as the end of queue was still not in sight!

Another thing that I have notice was how orderly and patience the crowd were. Although I did hear some complaints on the ground but the crowd was still willing to wait even under a hot sun. If this were to happen in Singapore, the situation may turned out to be different. Through out the queue, they broke down in groups to chat and make the best of their time such as taking photos of each other in cosplay dresses.

* Taking Photo of each other is fun!

Later in the day, the organiser actually put up an apology notice on their facebook wall and I accepted their explanation.

A big percentage of people I talked to in the crowd actually travel different state to come for this event and I was wow. Since there were cosplayers in the queue, I decided to take some of the photos on them. I have to admit I can really see a joy and pride in their cosplay.

As usual some vocaloid cosplay like Snow Miku!

I noticed the cosplayers were never alone as they usually comes in a pair or more.

Sometime from different series.

One of them that caught my attention was this costume made Kamen Rider Fiaz cosplay. He was one of the popular one that he managed to pull as he was tall and the cosplay was pretty accurate. Hat off to his effort as the costume was nicely made.

There were some funny characters being cosplay too such as Peso bear and the horse face. These two are also very popular among the crowd as many approached to ask for photo session with them.

Although in the end I still could not get in but I was happy to feel the excitement of the atmosphere of the event and turn out. The crowd was young and sincere and I can see they joy of the event in some of the way they dressed up. This is indeed one big event in Malaysia. If I can have the chance again, I will pop by this event if my schedule permit.


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