2011 Top 10 Reviewed Toys

We are coming to the end of 2011 and it is time for me to do a quick countdown of the top 10 toys that I reviewed on Open the toy for 2011.

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10. Mattel He-man
By the power of greyskull, He-man has landed in the 10 position of the toys that I reviewed this year. A better reboot of the classic line and this He-man look more proportion.

9. 40th Cup Noodle Anniversary Rx-78-2 Gundam!
For one of the chase Gunpla that I wanted for a very long, this Gundam earned his position as the 9th position.If you must know, the cup noodles taste great too! LOL

8. Haro Ball
Many always wanted to have such 1:1 scale Haro ball. There is no need of any electronic with it repeating your name. All it need to do is to look real and cute but most important useful to the user. In this case, it is as it is a storage ball.

7. Bearguy
Oh lord has mercy mercy mercy. In my opinion, this is the best Gunpla of the year in term of popularity as it get modeller to do lots of customize work on bearGuy. That is the measure of success for a good Gunpla if you asked me.

6. Voyager Lugnut
For Lugnut unwarier loyalty to Megatron, he deserved a position for the 6th position.I love both robot and vehicle mode. The plane mode is so World War 2 as a bomber. 

5. Ultra seven from Ultra act
Ultra Seven instead of Seven has went to 5th position of this top 10 list. He is one of the Ultraman that I watched the complete series even in Malay in the 1980s. Why? because only Malaysia channel has such awesome show back then.

4. Bunny Haruhi Suzumiya
Everyone love Haruhi...some even like the seiyu (voice actress) of Haruhi. How sexy can it be for Haruhi dress in 80s bunny suit and rock with a electrical guitar! It is so Haruhi if you asked me.

3. Figma Append Miku Hatsune
Going for the 3rd and bronze position, it's figma Miku Hatsune Append version. I personally love this suit of Miku Hatsune as it is futuristic and I love the semi translucent hair. I deem her a Cool chick for sure!

2. TakaraTomy DMK01 Optimus Prime
This could well be the prefect movie version of Optimus Prime as a toy. When it was released, there were shortage of stock everywhere. TakaraTomy does not made much model kit but when they do, the quality is awesome! I had great fun putting him together but after the assembled I couldn't really play with it as it does not transform. So this Optimus Prime landed on the Silver award.

1. S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Shin 1
Kamen Rider 1 could be the first LIVE Japanese action character I know in my childhood and to see a worth toy as an action figure took like 3 decades. Better late than never. With the looks and the playability, this toy rocks! He even look good on photography! For that he earn the 1st and Gold award.

Now I think some may have other opinion of the best toy reviewed on Open the Toy. If you have, leave a comment and tell us why you think the first position should be. :)


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