Michael Jackson Experience HD on iPad

It has been sometime Michael Jackson the experience game on various game console regardless it was portable or not. On 8th December 2011, Michael Jackson the experience finally release on apple platform.

So what so different on apple version of this game? After I have experienced playing the same title on PSP and Wii version, I have to say this apple version are the best among the graphic on a portable device. Unlike Sony PSP version which was using cartoon version, this Michael Jackson was a computer 3D generation of him.

Even his music video part in the game was computer generated capturing the essence of MJ in that era of his music video.

The likeness of Michael is pretty good if you asked me. I couldn't asked for more as the graphic card on the device is limited by the end of the day.

There are supposed to be in total 13 songs of MJ but there are some songs you need to make additional payment for you to get it. Each song will have MJ in various costume that was supposed to be in line with his music video.

The game play was using finger movement recognition and it is rather easy to pick it up. The bonus is that if you can keep getting combo, there will be more backup dancer appearing in the game to follow you from behind.

If you select a more difficult level, you may required to use both hands and more movement to follow.

At some part of the song where there will be a showtime, you are suppose to do some moves to get some bonus points.

Over all the experience of the game is good and better than the PSP version if you asked me.

As a MJ fan, this is truly one good game to have and play during your free time if you have less than 5 minutes to spare.

Here is a trailer of the game.

It's pretty fun. You can get it for USD$4.99 on iPad if you like.


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